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"How's the Real Estate Market in Oklahoma" was first aired on Sunday November 16th 2008. Our Guests were Dawn M. Kennedy, CEO, OKC Metropolitan Association of Realtors and Amber Corbin, Government Affairs Director, OKC Metropolitan Association of Realtors.

Our topics included:
  1. The effect of the financial crisis in Oklahoma on the residential real estate market.
  2. What the recent (August 27, 2008) article in The Oklahoman with the headline "Oklahoma is No. 1 in Housing Game" means and why it is so.
  3. The benefit of our relatively slow growth and few sub-prime loans in Oklahoma.
  4. The Oklahoma City Metro home sales have declined some and will this continue.
  5. Home sales in Oklahoma.
  6. Discuss the Realtor Store and how that impacts home sales.
  7. How she got the idea to open this kind of a store.
  8. Increase or decrease in the number of members of their association.
  9. National stories indicate that the number of realtors is declining precipitously.
  10. New educational projects they have on tap for their members.
  11. How they are responding to the challenge of "staying constantly alert of community responsibility, industry changes and political actions" and how they respond to changing situations in these areas.
  12. Government attacks on the multi-list system seem to have slowed down considerably, does she envision this to stay the same or to increase.

Dawn M. Kennedy, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers, Amber Corbin