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"Burns Hargis the President" was first aired on Sunday October 19th 2008. Our Guest was V. Burns Hargis, President, Oklahoma State University.

Our topics included:
  1. His thoughts about being a University President, his decision to accept the position, and feelings on the job since he has started work
  2. As a former lawyer, banker and TV talk show how, which of these experiences helps him the most now
  3. Ann's feelings about being the First Cowgirl at OSU
  4. How he and Ann find the energy to meet the demands to meet students, faculty, donors, alumni, legislators, the media, and others
  5. Importance of his meeting with a lot of students and having hamburgers with groups and students at the Union and why he does it
  6. What OSU meant to him when he was a student
  7. Why he selected OSU
  8. Advice to prospective students and their parents about why to choose OSU
  9. What today's student should gain from their time at OSU
  10. What he hopes to accomplish in his time at OSU

Burns Hargis, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers