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"David Boren's Letter to America" was first aired on Sunday October 5th 2008. Our Guest was David Boren, President, University of Oklahoma.

Our topics included:
  1. His book "A Letter to America" which was published this year - why he felt compelled to write the letter which he has suggested should be marked "urgent."
  2. His description of the experience he had in interviewing Rhodes Scholar candidates and how that motivated him to write this book.
  3. He suggests that for the first time in our history, almost 2/3 of Americans no longer believe that our future will be as good or better than our past - Why he thinks that is so and what can be done about it.
  4. He has suggested the creation on an independent government think tank not affiliated with intelligence organizations, why he has suggested that and what that would do.
  5. Importance of bipartisanship in the successful functioning of our two-party system
  6. Why he thinks bipartisanship has diminished so greatly in recent years - how campaign funding could be improved and what it would take to do it
  7. Seriousness of our ever increasing budget deficits
  8. Disappearing middle-class and Justice Brandies quote "You can have a democracy and a society sharply divided between the rich and the poor, but you cannot have both for very long." How this can divide between the rich and the poor be narrowed
  9. Why he thinks the teaching of American government is so important at the University and College level
  10. Why the relationship between the United States and the Republic of China is so important and how difficult it will be to improve it
  11. In a finish to his letter to America, what he would like to say about the state of our Country and the need for improvement and change