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"What's Going on at the University of Oklahoma" was first aired on Sunday September 28th 2008. Our Guest was David Boren, President, University of Oklahoma.

Our topics included:
  1. Of the three positions he has served, Governor, U.S. Senator and President of the University of Oklahoma, which is/was the most challenging and the most rewarding
  2. Discuss OU's three campuses, and the challenges of being at Norman and managing campuses in Oklahoma City and Tulsa
  3. Discuss record of producing national merit scholars and Rhodes Scholars
  4. What is the OU Honors College which was started under his presidency, and why it is important to the University
  5. Importance of endowed faculty positions and are they increasing
  6. High ratings by the Princeton Review of OU
  7. Importance of private endowment dollars to the success of the University of Oklahoma's mission
  8. Facilities recently completed, under construction and on the drawing board. What can be expected
  9. He teaches a freshman Political Science course and has for as long as he has been President, uniqueness of this among college presidentsand why he continues to do it
  10. How the University of Oklahoma will be different 10 years from now than it is today? Major respects it will change