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"Bass Pro Shop" was first aired on Sunday November 18th 2001. Our Guests were Mayor Kirk Humphreys and Senator Brad Henry.

Our topics included:
  1. What is a Bass Pro Shop/Store?
  2. How did the idea of bringing the Bass Pro Shop to Oklahoma City come about?
  3. What do you perceive to be the controversy?
  4. Charles Crumpley, the Editor of "The Daily Oklahoman" stated: "Subsidies beget more subsidies." Please comment.
  5. If the Bass Pro Shop comes to Oklahoma City, will it create more jobs for us?
  6. John Henry, an Oklahoma City Businessman asked: "What is the rationale you will give to the local residents for spending $18 million of their money to bring in merchandise that is already available to Oklahoma City?" Please comment.
  7. Does the fact that the Gaylord's have an interest in this project play a part in the City wanting to bring in the Bass Pro Shop?
  8. When Cities compete against other municipalities, is that a good thing?

Brad Henry, Larry Blankenship and Kirk Humphreys