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"Water, Water Everywhere" was first aired on Sunday July 20th 2008. Our Guest was Duane Smith, Executive Director, Oklahoma Water Resources Board.

Our topics included:
  1. Background of the Oklahoma Water Resources Board in the Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan.
  2. First plan published in 1980's philosophy was for water transfer from the east to the west, when referring to it what he means by project-oriented.
  3. First update was published in 1997, he called it policy-oriented, and what that means.
  4. Current OCWP water update is due in 2012. How he thinks it will be oriented.
  5. Discuss the grass-roots support for the water plan.
  6. Any focus on innovative water supply strategies.
  7. Major components of the update.
  8. Policy development.
  9. Public participation.
  10. Technical and engineering studies.
  11. Public water supply and infrastructure survey - Pontotoc County Pilot Study.
  12. Statewide supply and demand analysis.
  13. Water plan research studies.
  14. How the rather bizarre weather changes in Oklahoma affect effective water planning.