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"The Pulpit and Conscience" was first aired on Sunday June 22nd 2008. Our Guest was Michael D. Anderson, Ph.D., President, Presbyterian Health Foundation.

Our topics included:
  1. Discuss Rev. Jeremiah Wright's highly publicized quotations from sermons in his church
  2. How do these strike him as a Pastor and his responses to these quotes
  3. What guides a Pastor's decision making process for what to include within a sermon and how to express it
  4. Do Pastors (including him) ever engage in "shock and awe" in order to get the members' attention
  5. What is the responsibility of the church member to "call out" his or her Pastor
  6. Topics he thinks are "off limits", if any, for a Pastor to include within a sermon
  7. Do those guidelines change over time as the Pastor changes
  8. "Sensors" or sounding boards a Pastor could use to determine the propriety of talking about a particular topic
  9. Churches are generally tax exempt organizations under the Internal Revenue Code, did he ever feel limited or should Pastors feel limited about what they can say because of a concern of having the tax exemption revoked by the IRS
  10. Which is more important, preaching your conscience or maintaining the tax exempt status of the church
  11. How a Pastor guides him or herself when church doctrine becomes embroiled in a political race with one candidate following church doctrine and the opponent not doing so
  12. His view generally about the establishment clause of the Constitution, in other words, the separation of Church and State

Dr. Anderson and Kent Meyers