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"The Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission" was first aired on Sunday June 8th 2008. Our Guest was Victor N. Bird, Director, Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission.

Our topics included:
  1. History of the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission
  2. Its purpose
  3. Makeup of the Commission and how they are selected
  4. How Commission is funded
  5. Oklahoma's aerospace industry and how important it is to Oklahoma from a dollar standpoint
  6. Major Bills the Commission was interested in during this session of the Oklahoma Legislature
  7. Aerospace Industry Engineer Work Force Bill
  8. $5,000 Tax Credit for Engineering Graduates
  9. Regional Business Airport Modernization Bill
  10. Aerospace Development Act of 2008
  11. Connection Commission has with the FAA which has a major facility here in Oklahoma City
  12. What he sees as the biggest challenges to the aerospace industry today
  13. Five years from now, what we would expect to see the Aeronautics Commission working on

Vic Bird and Kent