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"The State of Higher Education in Oklahoma" was first aired on Sunday January 6th 2008. Our Guests were Sandy Garrett, State Superintendent of Public Instruction and Stephanie Canada, Oklahoma Teacher of the Year.

Our topics included:
  1. Ms. Canada, congratulations on being named Teacher of the Year in Oklahoma - what that has meant to her
  2. Some of the activities she has had since being named Teacher of the Year
  3. How long until she is back in the classroom
  4. Sandy, what is going on in her office
  5. Merit pay for teachers - how she sees that issue and where does it stand currently
  6. What she sees as the pros and the cons of merit pay - is it a good idea that is simply hard to administer or not a good idea
  7. Major issues facing her office at the current time
  8. Been Superintendent for an unprecedented five terms, what she is doing differently now than when first elected
  9. How she accounts for Oklahoma's sparkling record on early childhood education
  10. Should her position be elective or appointive

Sandy Garrett, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers, Stephanie Canada