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"The Oklahoma Judicial Nominating Commission" was first aired on Sunday December 9th 2007. Our Guest was Robert Margo, Chair, Oklahoma Judicial Nominating Commission.

Our topics included:
  1. What is the Judicial Nominating Commission - how it got started - its origins
  2. The make-up or membership of the Judicial Nominating Commission
  3. Why there is a majority of non-lawyers rather than lawyers on the Commission
  4. What positions the Commission fills and what courts
  5. Why there is an at-large member
  6. Length of elected lawyer Commissioners' terms
  7. Over that period of time, number of vacancies a typical Commissioner assists in filling
  8. Procedure used to evaluate a candidate
  9. What happens after list is made, to whom it is sent and who makes the final appointment
  10. What happens if the Governor says "I don't like any of these three, start over"
  11. The greatest accomplishments of the Judicial Nominating Commission during his tenure
  12. Any changes in the Commission structure or rules that he'd like to see made - should District Judges be appointed or run on a retention ballot rather than the way they are elected now

Robert Margo, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers