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"OU Women's Basketball" was first aired on Sunday November 11th 2007. Our Guest was Sherri Coale, Head Coach, OU Women's Basketball.

Our topics included:
  1. How things are progressing for the upcoming season - what the fans should be looking for
  2. Congratulations on terrific season last year - how much that helps morale and recruiting
  3. How the recruiting class was this year - describe recruits signed and how see them fitting in
  4. Attendance was up last year from previous years - does she expect that to continue - what she is doing to make the program more accessible to fans
  5. How she sees the Big 12 Conference race this year and where OU fits in that race
  6. What's new or on the drawing board for possible facilities upgrade that will have an impact on women's program
  7. Any trend for looking for and playing bigger players more than in the past - seems like there are more of them playing than what one would have seen ten years ago
  8. What the fans should know about what to expect this year and in the future from the Sooners

Sherri Coale, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers