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"Congressman Brad Carson" was first aired on Sunday October 14th 2001. Our Guest was Brad Carson, United States Congressman.

Our topics included:
  1. Prior to the terrible events, what were your main concerns?
  2. Taking out Bin Laden and others; would you expect that strategy to be revisited?
  3. Congress lost a seat, how will the Legislature redistrict to accomodate this fact?
  4. You spent one year working as a Whitehouse Fellow at the Pentagon, did you know anyone who was killed?
  5. Discuss citizens right to freedom versus security. Example phone taps - should they be allowed?
  6. Should spending be increased in Intelligence areas?
  7. We must make sure that American travelers feel safe when flying here and abroad. What steps need to be taken to ensure safety?
  8. Should Bush have the authority to order a hi-jacked plane to be shot down?
  9. Should Pilots be allowed to have guns while flying?
  10. To ensure that the aviation industry is economically viable, should the government help them?
  11. Do you envision the hard times for the airlines bringing about more airline consolidations or more new airlines?
  12. The Federal Surplus, is it gone?
  13. President Bush said he would go after Terrorists and the States that harbor them, do you have any predictions?

Larry Blankenship, Kent Meyers, Mick Cornett, Brad Carson