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"What in the World is the OMPA?" was first aired on Sunday September 30th 2007. Our Guests were Charles Lamb, Board Chairman, Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority and Chuck Hall, Board of Directors, Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority.

Our topics included:
  1. Explaination of OMPA
  2. Its purpose and what it does
  3. By whom it is governed, where it is located and kind of staff it has
  4. Why Legislature thought it important to create OMPA in the first place
  5. Is it perpetual or does it sunset
  6. Is the number of cities being served by OMPA changing over the last ten years
  7. How OMPA gets the electricity it provides to municipalities
  8. The typical ownership relationship OMPA has in power plants
  9. OMPA's role in the "Red Rock Power Plant" issue
  10. Why OMPA believes the coal-fired plant ought to be selected over a natural gas fired plant
  11. Major issues involved in Red Rock as they see it
  12. How OMPA's position is different from OG&E or PSO's
  13. How they see the marketing of electricity to municipalities changing in the next decade

Charles Lamb, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers, Chuck Hall