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"How Drug Courts Work" was first aired on Sunday September 16th 2007. Our Guests were Carol Hubbard, Judge of the District Court, Oklahoma County and Ed Blau, Assistant District Attorney, Oklahoma County.

Our topics included:
  1. Judge Hubbard and Ed Blau each explain their own personal involvement with the Oklahoma County Drug Courts
  2. Type of charges one may be carrying to be accepted into the program
  3. How a person becomes eligible for the program
  4. Agencies involved in the program
  5. Major benefits of the Drug Court vs. prison
  6. What the program involves once a person is admitted to the Drug Court program
  7. What the program needs outside what is available through current resources - what else could be done to make it more effective
  8. Volunteers are greatly needed to assist in many areas with this program - contact Judge Carol Hubbard at if you would like to donate your time or services