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"What's New at OERB" was first aired on Sunday August 19th 2007. Our Guest was Mindy Stitt, Executive Director, Oklahoma Energy Resources Board.

Our topics included:
  1. Mindy recently named the new Executive Director of the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board - how she has found her first few months
  2. What is going on that is new at the OERB
  3. What OERB Petroleum Scholar Program is; who is eligible; what schools participate; amount of money they have available
  4. What OERB is doing to approach the problem of energy conservation
  5. They have contributed approximately a million dollars toward the program
  6. What OERB PetroTech is; who is eligible; where it is presented; how one gets involved
  7. How their site restoration project is coming - number they have now done - status of completion of the task around the state and whether there are a lot more sites to clean up
  8. What the Freedom Campaign is
  9. OERB recently honored members of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission
  10. They recently received another six years of life from the Oklahoma Legislature and Governor Henry, what that will allow them to do

Mindy Stitt, Mick Cornett