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"What is Bariatrics?" was first aired on Sunday August 12th 2007. Our Guests were Gary Guidry, President, Foundation Bariatric Affiliates and Curtis Summers, CEO, Foundation Bariatric Hospital of Oklahoma.

Our topics included:
  1. Describe Foundation Surgery Affiliates, its mission, location in Oklahoma City and size of staff
  2. What each does in relation to Foundation Surgery Affiliates
  3. Size patient load they have
  4. Generally, kind of surgery performed
  5. Talk about Foundation Bariatric Affiliates, its mission and how it inter-relate with Foundation Surgery Affiliates
  6. Obesity and how big a problem it is in this country
  7. What their weightwise bariatric program can do about this
  8. Description of their education program that is connected with weightwise
  9. What the Bariatric Hospital philosophy means to the lives of ther patients
  10. What the "multi-disciplinary" approach is they refer to in relation to their weightwise program
  11. What type of follow up program they use
  12. How they see their profession evolving in the next five to ten years

Gary Guidry, Mick Cornett, Curtis Summers