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"Access to Legal Services" was first aired on Sunday August 5th 2007. Our Guests were Harland Stonecipher, CEO and President, Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. and Robert A. Ravitz, Oklahoma County, Chief Public Defender.

Our topics included:
  1. Bob tells what the fundamental underpinning of the right to have counsel is and to whom it applies
  2. Harland explains his initial thinking about founding of Pre-Paid Legal and its formative years
  3. Bob explains how many Oklahomans in Oklahoma County qualify for representation by his office and how Tulsa compares
  4. Size of his staff (lawyers, investigators, paralegals and secretaries)
  5. Harland tells the average range of income of Pre-Paid Legal subscribers
  6. Number of states they operate in
  7. Number of lawyers they have available to policy holders in Oklahoma and elsewhere
  8. Are the legal services that are being provided to their clients adequate for their needs
  9. How they see the work of each of their organizations changing in the next five to ten years

Harland Stonecipher, Mick Cornett, Bob Ravitz