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"A Man of Letters and Numbers" was first aired on Sunday July 22nd 2007. Our Guest was Scott Meacham, State Treasurer.

Our topics included:
  1. How he would assess the most recent Legislative session - the budget process
  2. Discuss the Senate co-leadership
  3. Economic development - what's going on insofar as the Opportunity Fund and the Edge Fund are concerned
  4. Generally, how he sees the State of Oklahoma's economy at this point
  5. What kind of reform measures he is involved with and is that having any "dividends" for the State of Oklahoma
  6. Oklahoma College Savings Plan and the recent changes that have occurred
  7. Who should participate, how it works
  8. Why it's an appropriate State project
  9. What kind of return the State of Oklahoma is realizing on its investment of state funds and how that compares to past performance
  10. How does unclaimed property program works
  11. What happens to property (money) that is never claimed
  12. What is the future for Scott Meacham

Scott Meacham, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers