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"Learn About the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals" was first aired on Sunday July 15th 2007. Our Guest was Gary Lumpkin, Presiding Judge, Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals.

Our topics included:
  1. Discuss the uniqueness of Oklahoma's court structure - Split Supreme Court
  2. Supreme court decides civil cases
  3. Court of Criminal Appeals has exclusive jurisdiction in criminal cases
  4. Only other state with a system like ours is Texas
  5. Talk about the Court of Criminal Appeals and its makeup, membership, experience level, etc.
  6. Kind of work loads the Court has today - is it increasing or decreasing from prior years
  7. In the handling of a criminal appeal, what a Judge actually does and what the Judge's clerks do
  8. Do they have oral argument - when and why
  9. The major projects that the Court has in front of it now to better handle its workload
  10. Type of criminal offenses most often seen being committed
  11. What could be done at the grass roots level to deter that type of criminal activity
  12. Why Oklahoma incarcerates more women than any other state
  13. Do we need more Drug Courts, and specialty courts to defer defendants from incarceration - what is his view about how effective that has been
  14. Do we need new prisons
  15. What is on the horizon - 3-5 years down the road for Court, what changes can we expect
  16. What kind of mental strain does it put on a Judge to deal with people's freedom and lives on a daily basis

Judge Lumpkin, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers