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"OSU / St. Gregory's University" was first aired on Sunday October 21st 2001. Our Guests were Dr. James Halligan, Oklahoma State University President and Father Lawrence Stasyszen, President of St. Gregory's University.

Our topics included:
  1. Father Lawrence, please tell us about St. Gregory's University.
  2. How will you avoid going the way of Phillip's University in Enid?
  3. Dr. Halligan, tell Oklahoma about OSU - The Road to Rhodes; Truman Honors Institute.
  4. What are the Universities biggest problems/opportunities?
  5. OSU - NCAA benefits to school?
  6. SGU - NAIA benefits to school?
  7. Should graduation rates control?
  8. How do you distinguish between sports and other extra curricular activities?
  9. Visions for the future?

Father Lawrence Stasyszen, Larry Blankenship, Dr. James Halligan