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"What Can You Say on the Air?" was first aired on Sunday June 17th 2007. Our Guests were Micheal Salem, Attorney at Law and Mike McCarville, Former Talk Show Host.

Our topics included:
  1. Their thoughts on the Don Imus situation and how it was ultimately resolved
  2. As an on-air personality for many years, Mike discusses if he ever made comments that he later regretted or which caused some trouble for him or his station
  3. Michael, as a first amendment lawyer, discusses how do he sees the First Amendment being involved in speech over the airways
  4. Any boundaries for what is permissible and what is impermissible
  5. Should Government get involved and, if so, how
  6. Will the commercial market place (sponsors) provide a sufficiently limiting effect to "regulate" speech on the air

Micheal Salem, Kent Meyers, Mike McCarville