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"The White Field's Story" was first aired on Sunday June 3rd 2007. Our Guests were Trent Ward, Co-Founder, White Fields and Mary Jones, Executive Director, White Fields.

Our topics included:
  1. Story of White Fields
  2. its purpose and location
  3. How Trent and his father came upon this idea and decided to do something about it
  4. Description of the facilities
  5. Staffing at White Fields and resident population
  6. How they decided to build an all male facility rather than include females
  7. What they hope to accomplish at White Fields that was not being accomplished before the facility became a reality
  8. Day to day involvement in the operation of White Fields
  9. How collaberation with the Department of Human Services works
  10. Why they decided to focus on the most severely traumatized young boys
  11. Plans for change or expansion in White Fields

Trent Ward, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers, Mary Jones