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"What is the State of Higher Education in Oklahoma Today" was first aired on Sunday May 20th 2007. Our Guest was Glen D. Johnson, Jr., Chancellor, Oklahoma State System of Higher Education.

Our topics included:
  1. What is involved in being the Chancellor of Higher Education
  2. His primary responsibilities
  3. Kind of staff he has to assist him
  4. How he interacts with the Regents for Higher Education
  5. Did his service as President of Southeastern Oklahoma State University for ten years prepare him for this job
  6. How is the funding level of this year for Higher Education in Oklahoma
  7. Are tuition costs attractive enough to keep our brightest and best in Oklahoma
  8. Is the budget generally adequate at most colleges and universities for salaries to retain faculty
  9. The major needs of higher education
  10. How we are progressing toward accomplishing those
  11. Is the funding mechanism for higher education workable
  12. Should the system be changed
  13. In the next decade, will we see an expansion or contraction of number of colleges and universities in Oklahoma and will the attendance levels continue to rise, level off, or fall

Chancellor Johnson, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers