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"Building a Strong and Healthy Oklahoma" was first aired on Sunday May 6th 2007. Our Guest was Dr. James M. Crutcher, Commissioner, Oklahoma State Board of Health.

Our topics included:
  1. What is going on with his office and Governor Henry's office to "build a strong and healthy Oklahoma"
  2. What is Oklahoma's position in relation to other states relating to the health of its citizens - why is that the case
  3. Why is it important to business and industry that this program succeed
  4. What kind of collaboration does he have with the private sector
  5. Will this program go to the schools as well as being partnered with private business in the communities
  6. How does this fit with the operation of the Fit Kids Coalition
  7. Talk about eat better, move more, be tobacco free
  8. How will results of this program be tested or measured
  9. Just how deleterious to the health of Oklahomans is the use of tobacco and why do we seem to use more than citizens of other states
  10. How important to this program is the cooperation and partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma
  11. What else is going on out at his Department that he would like viewers to know about

Dr. Crutcher, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers