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"Meet Chief Justice Winchester" was first aired on Sunday April 22nd 2007. Our Guest was James R. Winchester, Chief Justice, Oklahoma Supreme Court.

Our topics included:
  1. Congratulations on being designated Chief Justice of the Oklahoma Supreme Court
  2. How his duties as Chief Justice differ from that as merely a Justice
  3. He served on the lower court bench from 1983 until 2000 - how serving as a trial court judge assisted him in performing your duties as a Supreme Court Justice
  4. Once a case is assigned to a particular Justice for handling in the Oklahoma Supreme Court, what does that Justice do and what resources are at his/her disposal - how are the final decisions reached?
  5. Average caseload in the Supreme Court today; is it about right, too light, too heavy?
  6. New in procedures or technology at the Supreme Court
  7. Average "turnaround time" between the time the case hits the court and it is ultimately decided
  8. Frequency of hearing oral argument, something he would like to do more or less
  9. Principal challenges in completing his term as Chief Justice

Justice Winchester, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers