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"Child Abuse - Poor Adult Health" was first aired on Sunday March 11th 2007. Our Guests were Anne Roberts, Exec. Dir., Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy and Howard Hendrick, Director, DHS.

Our topics included:
  1. Why is it that you believe that there is a connection between childhood trauma and later incarceration or poor health
  2. What is the ACE Study (Adverse Childhood Experience), tell us about it
  3. How long did it last
  4. What did it show
  5. How does this relate to Oklahoma
  6. What has been Oklahoma's experience with untreated child abuse and neglect
  7. How does Oklahoma compare to other states in regard to mental illness and incarceration
  8. What can be done to reverse this poor trend
  9. What is the Department of Human Services doing - What is the Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy doing
  10. What can be done to prevent child abuse and create a safe, supervised and enriching opportunity for children and families
  11. What is your prediction about what will happen here in Oklahoma

Howard Hendrick, Mick Cornett, Anne Roberts