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"The Business of Being a Realtor in Oklahoma" was first aired on Sunday February 4th 2007. Our Guests were Lisa Yates, CEO, Oklahoma Association of Realtors and Dennis Nevius, President, Oklahoma Association of Realtors.

Our topics included:
  1. What is the Oklahoma Association of Realtors; its mission; size of its membership
  2. How one becomes a realtor - does it involve testing or qualifying
  3. Who administers the tests and makes the certification of "realtor"
  4. The difference between a real estate agent and a realtor and who licenses each
  5. Past show featured the representative of the Oklahoma Bankers Association who indicated banks were wanting to be able to get into the real estate business by acquiring existing realtor firms and having them operate out of the bank premises - their thought
  6. likely impact on the consumer if banks become realtors
  7. Major issues facing the Oklahoma Association of Realtors currently
  8. Issues with the Oklahoma Legislature is dealing with in which they will be interested
  9. Impact the internet has had on their business, including the multi-list service
  10. Why it is important that a buyer or a seller be represented by a realtor in a real estate transaction and how that affects the price of the transaction
  11. What they see in the future as being the major challenges for realtors in Oklahoma

Dennis Nevius, Mick Cornet, Lisa Yates