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"What's Going on at the Bank" was first aired on Sunday January 28th 2007. Our Guest was Roger M. Beverage, President & CEO, Oklahoma Bankers Association.

Our topics included:
  1. Discussion about the Oklahoma Banker's Association, its membership and purpose
  2. Do Banks in Oklahoma have to become members of the Oklahoma Banker's Association or is this something that they choose to do
  3. Major Legislative initiatives the Banker's Association will be supporting in this 2007 session of the Legislature
  4. Banker's Association's position on Banks as realtors
  5. Why this expansion should be allowed
  6. Danger in spreading Banks too thin and taking them away from the purpose for which they were formed
  7. How the consumer will be helped by this
  8. Other areas of service to the community Banks have recently become involved in (insurance, etc.)
  9. The Association's position on retailers such as Wal-Mart offering banking services in their super centers
  10. Kind of consumer goods and services we can reasonably expect to be available at our local bank in the future

Roger Beverage, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers