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"Presidential Signing Statements" was first aired on Sunday December 3rd 2006. Our Guests were Marc Blitz, Assistant Prof. of Law, Oklahoma City University, Law School and Andrew Spiropoulos, Prof. of Law, Oklahoma City University, Law School.

Our topics included:
  1. What is a signing statement and why we have them
  2. The historical basis for signing statements
  3. How they have been used in the past by Presidents
  4. The Constitutional basis for a signing statement
  5. The use President Bush made of signing statements during his tenure
  6. Is it an appropriate or inappropriate use
  7. How the volume of Bush signing statements compares with previous Presidents
  8. If you were on the Supreme Court and had to rule on the validity of a signing statement as authority to disregard statutory requirements, what would you decide?
  9. Is there any movement to abolish or limit signing statements - who could do it