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"The Justice System: Have the Wheels Come Off?" was first aired on Sunday June 3rd 2001. Our Guests were Drew Edmondson, State Attorney General and Robert Ravitz, Attorney.

Our topics included:
  1. The FBI error on the Timothy McVeigh records, the Joyce Gilchrist Crime Lab botches; we daily are hearing revelations that are shaking the Public's confidence. Have the wheels come off?
  2. What can we do to improve the effectiveness of Investigators, Police and FBI?
  3. Have the problems just started?
  4. What steps can we take to tighten up the system?
  5. Nationwide 37% of convictions in Death Penalty cases are reversed because of incompetent defense cousel, what do you think about this?
  6. A brand new Lawyer, one who has never tried a case, should he be allowed to immediately try Capitol cases?
  7. What should we do about tightening up on Crime Labs?

Edmondson and Ravitz discuss the FBI errors