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"A Conversation With the Attorney General" was first aired on Sunday September 24th 2006. Our Guest was Drew Edmondson, Attorney General, State of Oklahoma.

Our topics included:
  1. He is seeking his fourth term as Attorney General - how the campaign is going
  2. Principal differences between him and his opponent, James Dunn
  3. How he keeps his office running and campaigns at the same time
  4. Is running for statewide office the fourth time any easier
  5. Discuss the poultry litter case - what is going on and what we should expect/hope for
  6. One of the issues he lists on his website is his record in prosecuting corrupt government officials, discuss his record
  7. Discuss the new criminal tracking program (Victim Identification and Notification Everyday [VINE] program)
  8. Discuss what his office is doing to protect Oklahoma's children
  9. Discuss the recent letter that he, along with other Attorneys General, sent to Congress asking them to revoke antitrust exemption for railroads
  10. Word to the voters of Oklahoma about his campaign for re-election as Attorney General

Drew Edmondson, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers