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"Meet Gubernatorial Candidate James Williamson" was first aired on Sunday May 14th 2006. Our Guest was Senator James Williamson.

Our topics included:
  1. His background in state government and why he decided to run for Governor
  2. His family's thoughts about his decision
  3. How his campaign staff is organized and activities going on now
  4. What he sees to be the principle issues in this gubernatorial campaign among the Republicans
  5. How he differs from Ernest Istook or Bob Sullivan
  6. What he thinks Brad Henry has or hasn't done that he would change
  7. His website discusses an amendment he offered supporting the Ten Commandments to be displayed on public property, why he thinks that’s important and if it is constitutional
  8. How our education system can be improved in the short-term
  9. What he would do to create jobs for Oklahoma
  10. His thoughts to the viewers about why you he should be elected

Senator Williamson, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers