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"A Visit With Candidate Ernest Istook" was first aired on Sunday February 26th 2006. Our Guest was Ernest J. Istook, Jr., Congressman, 5th District of Oklahoma.

Our topics included:
  1. Difficulty of making the decision to run for Governor
  2. Who he consulted and what he learned
  3. Difference in this year as opposed to 4 years ago
  4. Concerns about leaving a "safe" Congressional seat
  5. Major reasons he is running for Governor
  6. Problems in raising money to fund a campaign and how much he thinks he will have to raise to run an effective campaign for Governor
  7. His first statewide race and what he will do differently than before
  8. Governor Henry's signficant approval ratings and how he will deal with it
  9. who he anticipates being his opponents in the primary, announced or unannounced
  10. Why the people of Oklahoma should elect him Governor

Ernest Istook, Kent Meyers