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"The Oklahoma Lottery Begins" was first aired on Sunday January 22nd 2006. Our Guest was Jim Scroggins, Executive Director, Oklahoma Lottery Commission.

Our topics included:
  1. What drew him to Oklahoma?
  2. Description of the Lottery Commission's staff, location and duties
  3. How he interacts with the members of the Lottery Commission
  4. How have things have been progressing so far
  5. Does he have the right number of locations or is he seeking to increase them
  6. How he determines a "good location"
  7. His expectation about meeting the revenue goals for education
  8. New games that will be coming on line besides the one that are now available
  9. Discuss Power Ball, how it works and why it is desirable for Oklahoma to join with other states
  10. How many other states have lotteries besides Oklahoma?

Jim Scroggins, Mik Cornett, Kent Meyers