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"One of Oklahoma's Impact Players - Vince Orza" was first aired on Sunday January 8th 2006. Our Guest was Vince Orza, Dean, Oklahoma City University, Meinders School of Business.

Our topics included:
  1. As a business owner, educator and T.V. anchor, how these careers evolved
  2. If he were forced to only choose one, which would it be and why
  3. Garfield's has been a very popular restaurant chain for many years, how he came up with the name Garfield's and how he keeps current on what the public wants at a restaurant
  4. How he likes his job as the new Dean of the Meinders Business School at OCU
  5. His major challenges
  6. The difference between being the Dean of a Faculty and the CEO of a publicly held company
  7. Where he sees Oklahoma City University being ten years from now insofar as size on impact and mission
  8. Any lingering political ambitions

Vince Orza, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers