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"Tramel's Verdict on Sports" was first aired on Sunday January 1st 2006. Our Guest was Berry Tramel, Sports Writer, The Oklahoman.

Our topics included:
  1. How he likes doing the"Writer's Block" show
  2. If he had to choose, would he stick with the newspaper business or the radio business
  3. Without regard to the outcome, what he thinks about the process that has been implemented to decide whether or not the Shawnee quarterback can play in a semi-final game
  4. Should the courts be available to resolve such disputes
  5. How he assesses Oklahoma State's first year under Mike Gundy
  6. His assessment of the current BCS structure, should it be changed, or how it should be altered
  7. His impression of the Hornet's impact on Oklahoma City's image as a sports venue, is he surprised at their performance
  8. Looking back on the sports year 2005, his biggest surprise/disappointment
  9. His assessment of OSU's "Athletic Village" plan, if Stillwater's acceptance is necessary

Berry Tramel, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers