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"The Death Penalty - Should We Have It? - Debate" was first aired on Sunday December 18th 2005. Our Guests were C. Wesley Lane, Oklahoma County District Attorney and Robert A. Ravitz, Oklahoma County Public Defender.

Our topics included:
  1. Opening Statements by each guest
  2. The Death Penalty was outlawed for a number of years and then re-instated - was that a correct decision?
  3. Wes Lane Responds and Bob Ravitz Replies
  4. Other than the elimination of a convicted criminal, what benefit comes from the death penalty?
  5. Bob Ravitz Responds and Wes Lane Replies
  6. Bob Ravitz asks Wes Lane a question and Wes Lane replies
  7. Wes Lane asks Bob Ravitz a question and Bob Ravitz replies
  8. Closing Statements by each guest

Wes Lane, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers, Bob Ravitz