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"Leadership in Oklahoma City" was first aired on Sunday November 13th 2005. Our Guests were Beth Shortt, Executive Director, Leadership Oklahoma City, Camal Pennington, a Senior at N.E. Academy and Jim Sharrock, Attorney.

Our topics included:
  1. What is leadership Oklahoma City and why it exists.
  2. How it began historically.
  3. Number of individuals that have passed through the program and names of a few prominent alumni.
  4. Description of the program: Duration (how long) and content.
  5. Description of the youth portion of Leadership Oklahoma City.
  6. Discuss: Youth Leadership Exchange; Youth in Action; and Youth Council.
  7. Number of young people involved on an annual basis.
  8. What the various groups are doing.

Beth Short, Mick Cornett, Camal Pennington, Kent Meyers, Jim Sharrock