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"Law and The Workplace Part I" was first aired on Sunday August 5th 2001. Our Guests were Holly Waldron, Trial Lawyer for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Leonard Court, Attorney, Labor and Employment.

Our topics included:
  1. It shall be an unlawful employment against any individual...because of...race, color, religion, sex or natural origin...
  2. If an Employee feels they have been discriminated against, how do they approach the EEOC and have the issue brought before the Courts?
  3. When does an Employer find out an Employee has filed discrimination charges?
  4. What is Sexual discrimination covered under?
  5. What percentage of complaints are in the Sexual harrassment area?
  6. What's prohibitted in the Prohibition against Sexual harrassment?
  7. Can Sexual harrassment be filed against the same sex persons?
  8. Are Employers responsible for sexual wrong-doing of their Employees?
  9. The Rule of "15" in the application of Title 7; are there a certain number of employees an employer must employee before Title 7 kicks in?
  10. How are Employees with disabilities protected?
  11. Does the rule of "15" also apply to the Disability Act (ADA)?
  12. Can an Employer discriminate against an employee just because they are in a wheelchair?
  13. Do you have to make accomodations to the work hours of a handicapped person?
  14. Under the ADA, what disabilities are cover and which are not?
  15. Where do drug addicts or alcoholics fit in?
  16. What is Religious discrimination?
  17. What steps does an employee go through to address Religious discrimination?
  18. Does the EEOC respond to anonymous complaints of discrimination?

Holly Waldron, Executive Producer - Larry Blankenship, Leonard Court