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"Stem Cell Research" was first aired on Sunday July 24th 2005. Our Guest was James J. Tomasek, Ph.D., Dean Graduate College and Professor of Cell Biology, OU Health Sciences Center.

Our topics included:
  1. What is regenerative medicine, what is the role of stem cells (why should anyone care about stem cells).
  2. Organ transplant.
  3. What is the promise of stem cell research.
  4. How do adult and embryonic stem cells differ: Embryonic stem cells; Adult stem cells.
  5. How do you obtain embryonic stem cells.
  6. What does cloning have to do with stem cell research: Therapeutic cloning; What is reproductive cloning.
  7. Where do we stand today on therapeutic uses of stem cells: Adult stem cells; Embryonic stem cells; Studies using stem cells in animals

Dr. Tomasek and Mick Cornett