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"Meet the New Insurance Commissioner" was first aired on Sunday July 10th 2005. Our Guest was Kim Holland, Insurance Commissioner, State of Oklahoma.

Our topics included:
  1. Discuss her background in the insurance industry and how she came to be appointed Insurance Commissioner.
  2. How she found the morale of the Department when she arrived
  3. With Carroll Fisher's legal problems, what she did with the existing employees
  4. Did she find that the insurance agents and companies had expectations of the Insurance Department that were unreasonable considering the previous Commissioners' troubles
  5. How she has found her first few months in office
  6. There has been some suggestion that the Insurance Commissioner's office should be elective rather than appointive - what is her opinion.
  7. Does she intend to run for election when her term expires
  8. If so, what she intends to do about receipt of political contributions from insurance Companies and agents
  9. What major goals she has for the Department - what specific programs she has in mind
  10. Tells viewers what they can do if they think they have a problem with an insurance company

Kim Holland, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers