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"Public Display of the Ten Commandments" was first aired on Sunday June 12th 2005. Our Guests were Michael Scaperlanda, Edwards Family Chair in Law & Assoc. Dean for Research, OU School of Law and Harry F. Tepker, Jr., Calvert Chair of Law & Liberty & Prof. Of Law, OU School of Law.

Our topics included:
  1. Discuss the Constitution - 1st Amendment - Establishment clause
  2. How we reconcile with other displays such as currency - Supreme Court Opening Prayer - House of Representatives Opening Prayer
  3. What is the Lemon Test and should it be relevant?
  4. Does the setting of the display matter - review Texas and Kentucky cases
  5. Does it matter which version (Protestant, Catholic or Jewish) of The Ten Commandments is displayed?
  6. Is the secular vs. religious test workable?
  7. Professors Scaperlanda and Tepker discuss how should these cases turn out

Michael Scaperlanda, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers, Rick Tepker