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"Changes in Bankruptcy" was first aired on Sunday June 5th 2005. Our Guest was Janice Loyd, Attorney.

Our topics included:
  1. What is bankruptcy and why we have it: restructure or liquidate debts; for the general welfare of the population
  2. Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution
  3. Why this new Bankruptcy Act took years to become law
  4. Who benefits under the new Act - who doesn't benefit
  5. When it becomes effective
  6. The Act refers to "bankruptcy abuse prevention", was there abuse before it became effective, and what kind of abuse
  7. 10,000 families each year take bankruptcy in the Western District, how it will affect them
  8. Discuss the median income test
  9. The Act was sponsored by the credit card companies and the banks
  10. Why not just tighten up credit at the beginning rather than tighten up bankruptcy at the end
  11. How the law affects bankruptcy lawyers that represent debtors
  12. How the law affects bankruptcy lawyers that represent creditors
  13. How it will affect the panel trustees
  14. Any increase in filings in our District after the passage of the Act and before its effective date (a gap period)
  15. Her prediction on what kind of an impact this law is likely to have

Janice Loyd, Kent Meyers