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"Oklahoma City National Memorial" was first aired on Sunday May 22nd 2005. Our Guests were Kari Watkins, Executive Director, Oklahoma City National Memorial and Frank Hill, Chair, Oklahoma City National Memorial.

Our topics included:
  1. Her job at the Oklahoma City National Memorial
  2. How many employees are they, what they do, are there any volunteers
  3. What are the Memorial's hours of operation inside and out
  4. Are special tours available
  5. How many visitors in a year, has the number increased or diminished
  6. Will the fence remain in place and covered with notes, etc.
  7. Discuss the Museum:
  8. What is in there - is it interactive - how long it takes to tour
  9. The change from a National Park to a Trust - is this good or bad and what changes has that brought about
  10. Discuss the Trust funding and what's going on with raising private funds
  11. New news at the Memorial

Kari Watkins, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers, Frank Hill