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"Election Review - Show I" was first aired on Wednesday January 5th 2005. Our Guest was The Honorable Brad Henry, Governor, State of Oklahoma.

Our topics included:
  1. November election - Republicans take significant majority in the House - Speaker Hiett - what he expects - bipartisanship, is it a two-way street
  2. What he will do in the event of a stalemate
  3. Senate vulnerability - what can be done to ensure the Democrats keep control of the Senate in two years
  4. Oklahoma Education Lottery now law - in the fifth show of The Verdict, his prediction was correct - did he expect that kind of margin
  5. When the dollars will start to flow to education
  6. When he will make appointments to the Lottery Commission
  7. Whether more legislation is needed in order to get the system into operation and will that be done this Session
  8. How the dollars will be used by education and who will decide: salaries - facilities
  9. State question 712 - question involving gaming at State racetracks - the status of the Tribes' approval of the Compact
  10. His timetable for dollars to begin to flow under this proposition
  11. Whether more legislation is needed and if it will be done this Session
  12. How the dollars are to be used for education
  13. Expanded gaming at the three racetracks - will Oklahoma become the Las Vegas of the Southwest
  14. With this additional authorization to expand gaming, how we will compare with the States surrounding us
  15. Whether the expansion of gaming at the racetracks and Tribal casinos will hurt anticipated sales of lottery tickets
  16. Which helps education most - someone spending $10 on the gaming machine at an Oklahoma racetrack or buying $10 worth of lottery tickets
  17. Retrospective for 2004 - best accomplishments - greatest disappointments

Governor Henry, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers