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"Movin' On Up!" was first aired on Wednesday December 8th 2004. Our Guest was Todd Hiett, Speaker-Elect of the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

Our topics included:
  1. Speaker Hiett shares his experience in getting into the Legislature and his final term in the House
  2. A lot of "institutional memory" has been removed from the House, as one of the "old timers", how he deals with this
  3. How he envisions dealing with Governor Henry and his expressed desire for bipartisanship - does he anticipate any difficulty along those lines
  4. Has he had occasion to meet with President Pre-Tem Cal Hobson about the upcoming session
  5. What he envisions the House instituting in regard to tort reform this session - specifically the major items he would like to see enacted.
  6. Worker's compensation reform - how he would like to see the system changed - whether its realistic to expect it to happen this session.
  7. As Speaker, how he is going to handle administrative personnel changes - does he expect any major realignment - will there be a lot of new faces

Speaker Hiett, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers