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"Should We Import Prescription Drugs From Canada?" was first aired on Wednesday November 24th 2004. Our Guest was Mark Dodson, DPh, President, Oklahoma Pharmacists Association.

Our topics included:
  1. Why foreign (including Canada) purchasers can buy U.S. prescription drugs cheaper than U.S. citizens
  2. The role the Pharmacy Benefit Managers play in the pricing of pharmaceuticals
  3. The role of the pharmaceutical manufacturers in pricing
  4. According to Senator-elect Coburn, the average Oklahoman spends $582 per year on prescription drugs and Oklahoma's prescription drug burden was the 10th highest in the Nation.
  5. Why Oklahoma's prescription drug burden is so much higher than other State's
  6. His your concerns about the safety of drugs manufactured in the United States, sold to Canada and then re-imported to the United States
  7. Drug safety/validity (counterfeit)
  8. Improper mixing of several drugs
  9. What he thinks is going to happen in Oklahoma and across the Nation on importation of drugs from Canada and elsewhere
  10. Can government supervision solve the problem of drug safety
  11. The solution to bringing down the cost of prescription drugs for Oklahomans

Mark Dodson, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers