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"The University of Oklahoma and Intercollegiate Athletics - Show II" was first aired on Wednesday November 17th 2004. Our Guest was Joe Castiglione, OU Athletic Director.

Our topics included:
  1. Major developments in non-football sports at The University of Oklahoma:
  2. Facilities; new faces on the coaching staff
  3. Any future plans for the Lloyd Noble Arena
  4. How ticket policies and establishment of ticket prices are handled
  5. Importance of being competitive with other Big 12 institutions or other entertainment venues
  6. Basketball scheduling - who decides on a year-by-year basis
  7. Once decisions are made about the kind of schedule desired, how it is put together
  8. Discuss the future of intercollegiate athletics if athletic departments keep running in the red - any Big 12 schools in jeopardy?
  9. How a young person gets involved in athletic administration as a career; what degree is the best; how one finds positions
  10. His biggest challenges in the next few years at the University of Oklahoma

Joe Castiglione, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers