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"What's Going on at Oklahoma State University" was first aired on Sunday October 10th 2004. Our Guest was Dr. David J. Schmidly, President, Oklahoma State University.

Our topics included:
  1. How things have been going for Dr. Schmidly since he has been President at OSU for almost two years
  2. As CEO of the OSU system and President of University, he will discuss the difference and his principal responsibilities
  3. OSU's great strides in its athletic facilities have been widely publicized, discuss what's new and the progress in other academic areas that will benefit the college community
  4. What he and his wife hope to accomplish with OSU's first "Parent's Association" program that they started
  5. How the "gateway" partnership with Northern Oklahoma College will assist students to make satisfactory progress toward a college degree
  6. What's coming up at OSU and its related campuses
  7. What he sees as the major challenge to OSU in the next five (5) years and how he intends to approach it

Dr. Schmidly, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers