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"Tom Coburn: Republican Nominee for U.S. Senate" was first aired on Sunday August 29th 2004. Our Guest was Dr. Tom Coburn, Republican Nominee, U.S. Senate.

Our topics included:
  1. Was he surprised at the primary win?
  2. What were the primary reasons the Republicans picked him over Humphreys, Anthony and others?
  3. He is out of self-imposed retirement - impressive victory - what were the people saying?
  4. "Negative" campaigning - how does he define it?
  5. When is it okay to criticize your opponent and when does criticism become "negative"?
  6. Is comparison of positions fair or negative?
  7. Pro-life position: What is his position on abortion (life of mother) (rape)
  8. What are the principal differences between him and Brad Carson?
  9. Will he have a self-imposed two-term limit on senate service?
  10. Were Senators Nickles and Inhoff wrong not to do the same thing?
  11. Final comments by candidate

Dr. Coburn, Mick Cornett, Kent Meyers